Accelerate executive readiness and impact.

The ideal incubator for leaders preparing to take on executive roles, those identified for succession, and those wanting to accelerate their executive leadership impact, ExecREADY was designed to level the playing field and provide an inside track to the c-suite.

ExecREADY is a powerful development program for ambitious professionals ready to advance their leadership growth, and it is an excellent tool that organizations can use to grow executive leadership talent from within. Identifying high potential employees and supporting their leadership development is a smart strategy that cashes in on the ROI realized from increased retention, engagement, and performance.

This program prepares professionals for executive positions by modeling the exponential success that can be achieved from being intentional about growth, focus, feedback, and consistency.

Over the course of 12 months, participants benefit from synchronous and asynchronous curriculum, monthly 1:1 coaching and mentorship, monthly webinars with industry thought leaders, dialogue with like-minded professionals, an in-person workshop, group accountability calls, and stretch assignments. Valuable access to thought leaders provides professionals with key insights centered around the theme, ‘If I knew then what I know now.’



With group work, stretch assignments, Executive Coaching and mentorship from thought leaders, participants practice managing up and learn about key concepts including brain health and resilience, connection, focus and mindset, and change agility.

In addition to personalized 1:1 coaching and mentorship, participants are part of a powerhouse group of like-minded professionals. The ExecREADY leadership community is built through interactions in the online classroom, bi-monthly office hours, private networking group, and onsite events. These connections help to accelerate learning, generate new ideas, increase motivation, and build confidence.

The ExecREADY program applies a breakthrough, multi-faceted approach to helping participants strengthen their leadership presence. Ultimately, participants will leave with a personalized leadership development plan, strategies to increase the brain’s resilience, and more confidence in their ability to lead teams and organizations.


Program Outcomes

The ExecREADY program was designed for participants to foster and build:

KNOWLEDGE: Take necessary actions based on empowering information.

✓ FOCUS: Develop a higher aptitude for the focus and consistency executives need.

✓ CONFIDENCE: Build the self-assuredness necessary to start performing like an executive — whether it’s an official title or not.

✓ NETWORKING: Gain access to other like-minded ambitious professionals, thought leaders, expert mentors, coaches, and all of the insights they have to share.

✓ CLARITY: Define and develop an authentic leadership presence with clearer vision.

✓ MINDSET: Practice an executive mindset and gain experience putting it into practice.

✓ BRAIN HEALTH: Harness neuro insights for improved productivity, communication, and overall well-being.

✓ EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Hone emotional intelligence for improved interpersonal and intrapersonal management. 

EMPOWERMENT: Learn and practice the power of the Coach Approach to facilitate problem solving and forward action.

✓ LEARNING ABILITY: Identify the ingredients of a growth mindset and learn how to leverage the power of what’s possible.

✓ CHANGE AGILITY: Develop the mindset, tools, and processes required to drive change.

✓ COMMUNICATION: Learn the neuroscience behind connected leadership to foster trust, collaboration, and engagement.

✓ COURAGE: Learn how to have powerful conversations about difficult issues, ultimately fostering accountability and growth.

Monthly Focus

Throughout the program, different monthly themes will provide a foundation for webinars, stretch assignments, coaching, and mentorship. These themes will be incorporated into each participant’s leadership development plan to help articulate strategies for growth in the identified area.

Organizational Leadership

JAN – Systems Thinking

FEB – Financial Acumen

MAR – Innovation

APR – Change Agility

Personal Leadership

MAY – Neuroscience of Leadership 

JUN – Emotional Intelligence

JUL – Unapologetic Confidence

AUG – Executive Mindset

People Leadership

SEP – Trust & Connection

OCT – Coach Approach to Leadership

NOV – Influence & Motivation

DEC – Focus & Accountability

Who Should Enroll?

ExecREADY is ideal for those who have been identified for executive succession, ambitious professionals looking to prepare for advancement, and those already in the c-suite who wish to increase their effectiveness. For high-performing professionals or those already in leadership positions, it is never too early or too late to work on executive readiness. Participants do not need to wait to be identified for corporate advancement; they only need to be ambitious, capable, and ready to take the next step.

Enrolling employees in the ExecREADY program increases retention, shows leaders their value within your organization, and prepares them for executive leadership opportunities on the horizon.

ExecREADY Executive Coach and Lead Faculty


Executive, Author, Speaker

Sandra designed the ExecREADY program based on her nearly two decades of executive experience, a decade of executive coaching experience, and her advanced certifications in Leadership, NeuroLeadership, and Human Resources. 

In this program, Sandra helps prepare professionals for executive roles through one-on-one monthly executive coaching, webinars, and onsite retreats.



Each participant receives the following benefits with their annual membership:

Monthly 1:1 executive coaching call

✓ Monthly group call for questions, laser coaching and mentorship

✓ Monthly live webinars featuring C-Suite guests providing ExecREADY insight

✓ Workplace practice assignments (experiential learning)

✓ Support to develop a leadership presence and development plan

✓ Private networking group access for discussion and sharing.

✓ 8-week eLEAD program 

✓ 8-week eCOACH program

✓ Invitation to attend a full day in-person group retreat (travel expenses to attend this event not


Exclusive On-Site Retreat

When: Sept 10th - 11th, 2020
Where: Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver BC Canada

This full day ExecREADY retreat in September takes leadership growth and impact to the next level.
Participants can expect to connect, energize, and grow from this experience. This year's retreat will be held at the Granville Island Hotel—Vancouver's premier boutique waterfront hotel in the heart of the city. The event kicks off Thursday evening with a social, and finishes Friday at 4 pm.
Travel and hotel costs are not included.

ExecREADY Investment: 12 month program — $9,500 (monthly or quarterly billing options)

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