Leadership Impact – The Power of Connections

impact leadership Feb 20, 2019

Interpersonal connections are threads that strengthen the fabric of our leadership impact. Our networks are a powerful source of information, energy, opportunity, and ideas. When I connect with people in my network, I am genuinely impressed by their work and their leadership impact. And thankfully, they are equally enthusiastic about mine. Their acknowledgment and willingness to share strengthen my resolve, and serve as a catalyst for further ideas and energy.

A fulfilling network is based largely on the principle of reciprocity—creating mutually beneficial relationships. Networks are strengthened by having connections with diverse backgrounds and interests. Some may provide coaching or mentorship, some may be visionaries, some may connect us to others, and some may be subject experts. All types of connections are essential to forming a strong network that helps to serve our purpose and passion.
A shout-out to all of the awesome mentors, coaches, connectors and experts in my network who have been part of my work. Thank you! Social media platforms like LinkedIn Twitter, and Facebook have made making a solid network easier than ever.

When was the last time you reached out to someone in your network? Perhaps it’s time to check in and see what they are up to. You may learn something new, and will likely come away feeling energized.


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