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Foster engagement, innovation, and change.

In today’s workplace, leaders are expected to foster employee engagement and performance while facilitating personal and organizational change. Coaching is the most powerful and underutilized tool in a leader’s toolbox, and it is proven to stimulate thinking, foster accountability, inspire action, and build confidence in others.

Upcoming Cohorts

Oct 13 – Dec 6, 2020
Mar 1 - Apr 25, 2021
Oct 12 - Dec 5, 2021

The Coach Approach to leadership requires asking questions to facilitate thinking and problem solving. When an employee is asked a question, they feel seen, heard, and understood, and it is significantly more effective than “telling” them what they should do. When leaders ask questions, they help employees move forward to achieve personal and organizational goals.

The eCOACH program features practical models for communicating, coaching, and providing feedback in the workplace. It equips participants with the knowledge and ability to engage, empower, and inspire forward action with individuals at all levels in the organization. 

Participants will be expected to do three triad coaching calls where eLeadership faculty (a Certified Executive Coach) will provide mentorship to each individual in the triad on their strengths and growth opportunities as a coach. This highly impactful approach supports each participant’s personal coaching growth and development, while providing an opportunity to practice and observe the Coach Approach in action.

The eCOACH program uses engaging, brain-friendly strategies to help busy professionals optimize their retention. Featuring convenient online content, assessments, interactive webinars, cohort learning, networking, and expert faculty guidance, participants will experience significant personal growth while learning and practicing the Coach Approach to leadership.

The eCOACH program boasts an exceptional completion rate, and 100% of past participants say they would recommend the program to others.



This unique, cohort-based learning experience includes 4 one-week online modules, followed by 4 weeks of practice. With opportunities to test out new techniques during the program “in real life,” participants achieve a deeper understanding of the concepts and have the opportunity to work through challenges and questions during one-on-one sessions with expert faculty, coaches, and/or mentors during cohort Q&A office hours. Participants will take away strategies for continued growth, including the completion of a personalized coaching action plan (CAP).


Program Outcomes

The eCOACH program was designed for participants to foster and build:

CONFIDENCE: Practice using the Coach Approach in real life while receiving expert feedback and advice to build confidence.

✓ SKILLS: Learn when to ‘coach’ and when to ‘manage’, and learn effective models for each.

✓ FOCUS: Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that deteriorate focus and how to lead with the brain in mind for increased effectiveness.

✓ ENGAGEMENT: Develop a coaching mindset and approach to engage employees and support their growth.

✓ CHANGE AGILITY: Learn how to use coaching to facilitate thinking, creativity, and problem solving.

✓ CONNECTION: Deepen connections with others by practicing the foundational coaching skills: Intentional Listening and Intentional Questioning.

✓ TRUST: By developing enhanced skills in coaching and performance feedback, learn how to communicate in a way that promotes trust in the workplace.

✓ EFFECTIVENESS: Practice effective models for coaching and feedback, translating theory into action to embed learning. 

NETWORKING: Engage in weekly forums to share insights and ask questions about relevant workplace issues while expanding professional networks.

Program Modules

PART 1 (Theory - 4 weeks)
  • Module 1: Introduction to Coaching - Ask vs Tell
  • Module 2: Coaching Models - Intentional Listening and Questioning
  • Module 3: The Coach Approach to Feedback
  • Module 4: Coaching in the Workplace
PART 2 (Practice - 4 weeks)
  • Module 5: Workplace practice, triad practice, mentor coaching with a Certified Executive Coach, and development of a Coaching Action Plan (CAP)

Who Should Enroll?

The eCOACH program can be taken independently of eLEAD or as part of a sequence in any order. Past eCOACH participants have included managers of all levels including CEOs — with all finding significant value in the curriculum. The program is highly beneficial for any professional who is in a position to lead and/or encourage the personal and professional growth of others.

GROUPS: Organizations benefit when members have a common language to describe best practices, along with the tools to effectively coach each other. As a best practice for group participation, it is recommended to have an internal sponsor or champion participate in order to facilitate further internal discussion and action after program completion. 

INDIVIDUALS: For managers, supervisors, emerging and experienced leaders, eCOACH teaches targeted, real-world tactics and best practices to help professionals become more effective and inspirational leaders using the Coach Approach to leadership.


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