OCTOBER 2020 & APRIL 2021


Great leadership begins here.

This powerful masterclass helps professionals increase their leadership presence and impact through human and science-centered curricula that boosts personal clarity, confidence, and conviction.

Upcoming Cohorts

Oct 5 – Nov 29, 2020
Apr 6 - May 30, 2021
Oct 4 - Nov 28, 2021

Featuring convenient online content, assessments, interactive webinars, cohort learning, networking, and expert faculty guidance, participants will experience significant personal growth while learning how to harness the power of leading with both their heart and backbone.

The eLEAD program uses engaging, brain-friendly strategies to help busy professionals optimize assimilation and retention of the content.

Humans are neurologically hardwired for connection. That’s why eLEAD was designed to foster a cohort-based approach, where participants work remotely alongside peers who have experienced comparable real-world leadership challenges. This peer-based model provides a rich learning experience with professional connections that extend beyond the confines of the Internet.

An integral part of HR strategy for organizations and a smart step for career-conscious professionals, eLEAD boasts an exceptional completion rate and comes with the highest recommendation: 100% of past participants say they would recommend the program to others.



Each week of this leadership boot camp offers a high-level overview of a key concept and provides an opportunity for participants to practice what they’ve learned at work. These experiential activities deepen retention and build confidence in the real world, while participants gain additional value through discussing their challenges and success with the cohort.

Participants have the opportunity to engage with expert faculty one-on-one throughout the program by way of faculty feedback on assignments, coaching, and/or mentorship during cohort Q&A office hours.

Every participant will complete the program with a leadership action plan (LAP) to support their continued growth. The LAP can become part of the participant’s own performance plan and coaching within their organization.


Program Outcomes

The eLEAD program was designed for participants to foster and build:

CONFIDENCE: Gain strategies and insights to lead with unapologetic confidence.

✓ BRAIN HEALTH: Harness neuro insights for improved productivity, communication, and overall well-being.

✓ FOCUS: Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that deteriorate focus and how to lead with the brain in mind for increased effectiveness.

✓ EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Hone emotional intelligence for improved interpersonal and intrapersonal management.

✓ EMPOWERMENT: Learn and practice the power of the Coach Approach to facilitate problem solving and forward action.

✓ LEARNING ABILITY: Identify the ingredients of a growth mindset and learn how to leverage the power of what’s possible.

✓ CHANGE AGILITY: Develop the mindset, tools, and processes required to drive change.

✓ COMMUNICATION: Learn the neuroscience behind connected leadership to foster trust, collaboration, and engagement. 

✓ COURAGE: Learn how to have powerful conversations about difficult issues, ultimately fostering accountability and growth.

✓ IMPACT: Learn to master the paradox of leadership — balancing both heart and backbone to foster effectiveness and resilience.

✓ NETWORKING: Engage in weekly forums to share insights and ask questions about relevant workplace issues while expanding professional networks.

Program Modules

  • Module 1: Leadership is Action, Not Position
  • Module 2: The Neuroscience of Leadership
  • Module 3: Define Your Authentic Leadership Presence
  • Module 4: Build Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 5: Develop a Coach Approach to Leadership
  • Module 6: Regain Your Brain and Increase Resilience 
  • Module 7: Lead With Heart and Backbone
  • Module 8: Lead Change: Yourself and Others

Who Should Enroll?

Past eLEAD participants have held positions from front-line supervisor all the way to CEO, with many describing eLEAD as the most effective leadership training they have experienced. The program offers significant value for anyone looking to advance their leadership skills.

GROUPS: Organizations benefit when members have a shared definition of effective leadership, a common language to describe best practices, and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work for themselves and others. As a best practice for group participation, it is recommended to have an internal sponsor or champion participate in order to facilitate further internal discussion and action after program completion.

INDIVIDUALS: For operational managers, supervisors and emerging leaders, executive succession candidates or for experienced leaders who simply want to become more effective, this program teaches targeted, real-world tactics and best practices to help professionals advance their careers with confidence.


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