Executive Coaching

Maximize impact with one-on-one coaching.

Executive Coaching provides leaders and high potential professionals with the personalized support they need to sharpen their leadership skills, tackle challenges, and harness opportunities.

Through a series of dynamic, confidential, one-on-one sessions, participants learn to identify and close the gap between current and desired realities. They'll discover their leadership strengths and growth opportunities, align their personal values with their work and aspirations, develop a Leadership Development Plan, and take bold steps toward achieving their goals.


Program Outcomes

CONFIDENCE: Improve problem solving, strategic thinking, and courageous conversations to build confidence.

✓ CLARITY: Define and develop an authentic leadership presence with clearer vision.

✓ STRATEGY: Identify strategic steps to achieve goals.

✓ MINDSET: Practice a growth mindset and focus on what’s possible.

✓ INSIGHT: Reflect upon work and identify strengths and growth opportunities.

✓ COMMUNICATION: Improve communication style for increased effectiveness.

✓ DISCIPLINE: Prioritize accountability for self and others

✓ TRUST: Learn to build collaborative and respectful working relationships. 

✓ FOCUS: Develop an increased ability to focus through the practice of sustained attention on goals. 


Coaching Options

Choose from 3-session, 3-month, or 6-month packages. Coaching can be augmented with a 360-degree assessment that serves as a powerful data-based platform from which to work.

Who can benefit from Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is advised for anyone looking to refine their leadership skills and align their personal and professional values. Clients have included experienced leaders striving to maximize their potential, as well as emerging high-potential leaders pursuing executive readiness. Through each individual session, participants are encouraged to build upon their identified strengths to move forward courageously and achieve their leadership goals.

Lead Executive Coach

Founder and Lead Faculty Sandra McDowell has been an Executive Coach and leadership development expert for over a decade, and coaching is at the heart of her work to support organizations and leaders in realizing their goals and potential. Earning her Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies, her executive thesis centered on building high-performance coaching cultures. She has since worked to help organizations and individuals harness the power of the Coach Approach to build engaged and high-performance cultures.

Sandra and her team of Certified Executive Coaches take on a select number of coaching clients each quarter. Each client is matched up with a dedicated Executive Coach to help them clarify goals, take action, and achieve sustainable results.

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