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During this time of immense change, organizations need strong, logical and calm voices to navigate forward. Join us for a special webinar series, Leading Forward Through Adversity, from eLeadership Academy’s Sandra McDowell, an expert in the applied neuroscience of leadership. 


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Fast track your leadership impact.

Get the inspiration you need to kickstart leadership initiatives and fuel personal accountability and growth. Each live webinar can be booked individually for your team, or as part of a series (discounts apply), and each includes a quick reference guide with key takeaways in addition to a practical workplace challenge to apply the learning.

Leaders paint a picture of the future, engage and empower others, and help teams focus on achieving goals. But the real work of being a leader begins before a single word is spoken.  

This webinar will explore best practices, including the fundamental importance of building leadership strength from within. Participants will learn how to articulate their personal strengths, find growth opportunities, and achieve their desired leadership impact. The webinar explores the pathway to authentic leadership, providing key insights that will help professionals lead with unapologetic confidence and clarity. 

Participants will learn how to leverage the three C’s of confident leadership—clarity, conviction, and courage—to maximize impact and build leadership strength from the inside out.

Over the past decade, neuroscience has revealed new insights into human nature and behavior, and the implications are surprisingly relevant for organizational leaders. This webinar dives into the latest research on leading with the brain in mind.

Empowered with insights based on scientific research, participants will learn why many leadership efforts and organizational change initiatives are unsuccessful, and why human behavior doesn’t always work the way leaders think it does.

Participants will discover the critical conditions that can either support or derail leadership intentions, along with strategies to lead effectively and drive sustainable change.

Great leadership is about much more than telling others what to do or convincing people to meet their job requirements. At its best, it can enrich lives, inspire forward action, and hold people to their highest capabilities. This webinar gives participants tools to go beyond managing in order to become great leaders.

Coaching is a powerful leadership technique that can be used to teach others how to problem solve and take action to achieve their goals. This webinar will provide participants with an enhanced framework for communication that follows the Coach Approach, with helpful tips on how to determine when to ‘coach’ and when to ‘manage’.

Participants will learn how to transform the context of their conversations from ‘telling’ to ‘asking,’ effectively shifting the responsibility for the answer to others, increasing engagement and accountability. Unlock the secret to great leadership with the Coach Approach.

Some of the biggest leadership fails come from highly intelligent people who lack emotional intelligence (EQ), the capacity to recognize, understand and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others. When leaders have a low EQ, employees feel misunderstood and undervalued. Conversely, when leaders exhibit high levels of emotional intelligence, they’re better able to assess and inspire their employees’ success. 

While emotional intelligence isn’t the sole predictor of performance and development potential, it is proven to be a key indicator. Thankfully, one doesn’t have to be born with the highest EQ in order to lead effectively. It is a skill that can be taught. 

In this webinar, participants will learn how to minimize the forces working against their EQ, while harnessing the brain to nurture emotional intelligence and stay composed under pressure.

Heart of gold or backbone of steel? Effective leaders have both. In this session, Sandra explains why leading with both heart and backbone has never been more important. In order to do their best work, people need empathic leaders who foster trust and safety while courageously facing uncertainty. Leading with heart fuels collaboration, trust, and psychological safety, while leading with backbone fosters accountability, performance, and the confidence to move forward. In this session, you’ll learn about the neuroscience of the social brain, the importance of courageous leadership, and techniques for handling difficult conversations. You’ll also receive an online assessment to determine your balance of heart and backbone, along with take-away strategies you can use to strengthen your leadership impact.

Every job is stressful to a certain degree. But when you’re in a position to lead others and are held accountable for their performance, the pressure can be overwhelming. Whether aware of it or not, that background stress can affect every aspect of your job and leadership performance.  

Resiliency, or the ability to bounce back from stressful situations, can have a significant impact on our mental and physical health, and, ultimately, on our management and leadership success. The good news is that resilience can be built and improved.

This webinar provides research-based tips to help manage stress and increase resilience. Participants will learn how to balance day-to-day responsibilities with less stress, while establishing a culture that supports well-being and resilience for all.

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